ATE Airdrop 250 ATE (125 $) + 175 (87,5 $) for ref

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💵 Reward: 250 ATE (125 $) + 175 (87,5 $) for ref

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Albetrage has developed a way for you to win on sports betting, every time you bet.

Albetrage utilizes something called arbitrage betting, which capitalizes on odds making inefficiencies in a way where you are guaranteed to win.

This is true because you will stake on *both* sides of the bet at the same time in a way that is mathematically guaranteed to result in profit.

Their token, ATE, is a TRC20 TRON token.

You can learn more about Albetrage at

Token distribution will begin late November.

Earn ATE by completing the activities below.

When you refer someone new here, you’ll receive at least 250 ATE per referral.

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