KnifeSwap Airdrop 0.05 KNIFE ≈ 100 USD

KnifeSwap is the intersection of all swap platforms to date. Like many other swap platforms, KnifeSwap has also adopted the Automated Market Maker(AMM) models. However, KnifeSwap has added features to bring together delicacies and unicorns to one place (Knife goes well wing everything). Anyone that has an LP token on any swap platform is able to stake in KnifeSwap to receive Knife tokens (KNIFE). If you are familiar with Sushi and Unicorns, you will experience a smooth process with Knife.

Airdrop Description

Welcome to KnifeSwap FINANCE airdrop.

You can get 0.02 KNIFE tokens for each referral. Airdrop rewards will be distributed when you get claim.(you need some ETH in your wallet for transaction fee.)

We will manually check the participants, Mandatory tasks must be completed.


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  1. It seems like thee knife swap on GitHub was copy pasted and absolutely no work done on the code and can’t find team members or any real good signs that it’s a real project.

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