New Airdrop: Crypxie

💲 Total reward: Up to 42 CPX [$42]

🔴 Visit the Airdrop Page

(🔘 Register on the their website ( (Mandatory: 5 CPX)
🔘 Join their Telegram group ( and channel ( (Optional: 4 CPX)
🔘 Follow their Twitter ( and retweet the latest post. (Optional: 2 CPX)
🔘 Make your first deposit on the website. (Optional: 10 CPX)
🔘 Do the other optional tasks (Up to 21 CPX)

⛲️ Total Airdrop Pool is 5,000,000 CPX.

🔴 You can submit your details to the airdrop page on the website after you registered.

🔴 You can also earn more CPX tokens by joining bounty. You can find details about bounty in airdrop page ( Airdrop reward will be distributed to your Crypxie account on the 21th of March, 2021. CPX will be tradeable on Crypxie website on the distribution date.

🔍 You can also join Telegram channel to participate in the ongoing bounties.

Telegram Channel
Telegram Group
Facebook Group

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