UNI Foundation 5.000.000 UNISWAP Giveaway!

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How do I participate? ✅

To kick start Uniswap’s launch of the UNI token, we have decided to giveaway 5,000,000 UNI. In order to participate, you just need to send between 250 UNI to 50,000 UNI to the official contribution address, and you will receive back between 25,000 UNI to 500,000 UNI at the address you sent the tokens from.

🟣 Send 250+ UNI to receive 2500+ UNI back.

🟣 Send 500+ UNI to receive 5,000+ UNI back.

🟣 Send 1,000+ UNI to receive 10,000+ UNI back.

🟣 Send 5,000+ UNI to receive 50,000+ UNI back.

🟣 Send 10,000+ UNI to receive 100,000+ UNI back.

🟣 Send 25,000+ UNI to receive 250,000+ UNI back.

🟣 Send 50,000 UNI to receive 500,000 UNI back.

▶ UNI Contribution Address:


Note: you can send any amount of UNI (between 250–50,000) and you will be airdropped back 10x.

Terms and Conditions

  • This promotion is available worldwide. Anyone can participate.
  • You can only participate once. If you try to participate more than once, your UNI will be automatically refunded.
  • You can send UNI using any wallet or exchange — it does not matter.

If the transaction does not process properly, please try by sending the same amount to the UNI address again, and it should go through. Your original transaction will be refunded as you can only participate once.

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